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Standard Rex

Standard Rex

The Standard Rex rabbit is comes in wide variety of colours, of which fifteen are recognized. Their soft, dense, plush coat and sweet disposition and personality make them an ideal pet, especially the males who are not so prone to hormonal changes in personality. The Standard Rex is a medium sized rabbit, generally 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 kilograms in weight, the females being slightly larger than the males.

The head of a Standard Rex should be broad, with erect ears in good proportion to the body. It should have strong hind legs and well-rounded hind quarters. Its fur should be dense, plush, and level over the entire body. The dense, plush fur is a result of having no guard hairs.

A Standard Rex makes an excellent companion rabbit for adults or older children, and can be quite inquisitive, intelligent and trainable. They are quite like their smaller relatives, the Mini Rex, in many respects, and like them, make great house bunnies.

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