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The Little Velveteen Bunny 


The Mini Rex is often called the "Velveteen Rabbit," and has achieved incredible popularity since it was first introduced. They are small with unbelievably luxurious fur. The velvety texture of their fur can be attributed to their under fur being the same length as their guard hairs. The texture of the fur is also due, in part, to the fact that the coat stands on end rather than lying flat like the coats of most rabbits. A good Mini Rex coat will not lay flat, and even if patted down it will spring back into an upright position.  And they have personalities.  Oh boy, do they have personalities; each one of them different.


Like the Rex, I have found the boys to be cuddle buns and the girls to be their own bunny, so to speak!  Iíve lived with a female Mini Rex as a house bunny and she was very pushy --- putting her head up into my hand to be petted, claiming a shelf on the bookcase as her special spot, and thumping my keyboard when I didnít pay enough attention to her.  She made her presence felt, but she was also very loving and wanted to be cuddled constantly when she was in the mood.


In other words, she was the bunny who was the cat of the house and she ruled.


Being small, they are often easier to handle than the full-sized Rex, but are not a rabbit I would recommend to a small child.    These are the companions for grown-ups or young adults.  They are intelligent, and born knowing what they want.  They are easy to train to use a litter box, so are good for an inside run. 

Mini Rex live between 5 Ė 7 years normally, so they are not the longest-living of rabbits, but they pack a lot into their life-times.  They come in all sorts of colours and here at Beau Stud we specialize in the brilliant orange and deep black and blue colours, as well as pristine whites, called ermines