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The Dutch is a small compact rabbit (2.037kgs  - 2.60 kgs (4.1/2 lb to 51b)) with bright bi-coloured markings that are hard to miss in the yard. 

George Harris of Canowindra coined the phrase the “border collie” of the rabbit world, and as a border collie owner, I know exactly what he means.  You have to keep these guys busy with lots of things to do (including hiding food in tubes and stuff), otherwise they get up to mischief.  There’s nothing worse than a bored border collie except a bored Dutch.  But still they make great house bunnies as they are always inquisitive, and wanting to share in whatever you are doing.  They follow you around and want to sample anything you are eating – so be careful.  I’ve been mugged for a potato chip by a Dutch in the living room.


Dutch mum’s literally feed their babies everything they have and go to skin and bone when doing so, and are absolutely devoted to their offspring.  And they make great foster mums as well.  Don’t seem to count how many they are feeding as long as they all get fed. 

The markings on a show Dutch are dictated by strict BRC standards and judged accordingly, but it is quite miraculous to breed one that will conform to everything.  One judge calls them the “jigsaw” breed – that you have to swap a bit of this one and a bit of that one on the table to make the perfect bunny.  They should have short broad-based ears, with bright, large eyes.  The should have a wedge of white colour on their face going up to just between their ears and rounded cheek markings that do not go in to the whisker area or onto the jaw line.  The junction between the white and coloured fur on the back is called the saddle and should be a straight line that continues like a circle right under and over the animal.  The little white socks on its back feet are called stops and should be even and go right around the foot: about an inch (2 1/2 cm) long.

 Normally a bright happy bunny, I was really glad to find this breed and look forward to having one as my companion animal when I am finally forced to go back to only one pet


php4cmuecam.jpg Beau Heidi  
Steel Dutch Doe
Sire: Adkery Patrick (black)
Dam: Ziyadah Blue Fire Lady (blue)


img_1624_3.jpg The Dutch Hutch Dooby

Yellow Doe